A Bruce for All Seasons


It’s Bruce Boxleitner’s birthday today! Is it strange that a 50-year-old lady knows when an actor’s birthday is? Only if it’s also strange for her to run a Tumblr called The All Bruce Network and publish a Bruce-a-Day calendar and –


Well, all right. But in my defense, being a sad old spinster has the happy benefit of not being required to be a mature and responsible role model for my offspring. I am free, therefore, to remain perpetually an adolescent. Mr. B isn’t my only celebrity crush, of course. I also have a cheap thing for Pierce Brosnan. And an age-inappropriate yearning for a young British actor named Andrew-Lee Potts. For many years I was passionately devoted to Matthew Ashford, who played Jack Deveraux on Days of Our Lives, but he has lately shown himself to be a cad, so he’s dead to me now. No more January 29 birthday wishes for YOU, Matt.


Mark your calendars!

My appreciation of Mr. Boxleitner is of long standing – dating from his early role as Luke McCahan on “How the West Was Won.” That’s … 40 years ago. I followed his career from Luke to Billy Montana (The Gambler) to Tron to Frank Buck (Bring ‘Em Back Alive) to Lee Stetson (Scarecrow & Mrs. King) to John Sheridan (Babylon 5) to Bob Beldon (Cedar Cove). There truly is a Bruce for every stage of life.


yodabruceGiven my decades-long loyalty, it’s kind of a shame that I’m pretty sure I’m this guy’s least-favorite fan. He seems like a man whose dignity is important to him, and it’s true that I tend to be a little *ahem* irreverent at times. I may have Photoshopped him into Yoda. And Frankenstein’s monster. All in good fun. (We tease because we love, Bruce.) Although I’ve never* sent him any of the bewildering variety of strange fan art I’ve created around my poor, unwitting creative muse, I know he’s aware of it at some level since other people have tweeted him my stuff. He’s responded a couple of times (even retweeted a Photoshop of him as Ben Hur; he’s always wanted to drive a chariot).


Though I follow him and have on rare occasions tweeted him on Twitter (a social medium he seems lately to have abandoned), mostly I leave the guy alone. I don’t need to be his friend. I’m not looking for his approval of my fangirlishness. And he doesn’t have to do anything for my benefit, either, except continue creating the body of work that I enjoy watching so much. Live and let live, in other words. (Come to think of it, we have the kind of perfect relationship that has eluded me in real life. There’s a reason I’m single.)

So, on the off chance that he stumbles onto this (and I hope to God he doesn’t), happy birthday, Mr. Boxleitner, and thank you for many years of entertainment. Now, as my readers enjoy this little retrospective of his career that I created last year at this time, I’m off to make cupcakes for Pierce Brosnan’s birthday next week.

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