Tales of the Old West

Just like the cowboys ate!

Just like the cowboys ate!

Well, that God THAT’S over. Here is the last video in the seemingly endless #10MealChallenge saga. Happily, this grand finale was one recipe that actually turned out tasting AND looking (reasonably) good. Yay me!

I have not had good experiences with horses. Well, to be honest, I’ve only had ONE experience with horses. It was in the Black Hills of South Dakota, on vacation with my almost-the-same-age-as-me niece Amy. We signed up for one of those trail rides – greenhorn version. I’m pretty sure they pick one rube out of every group to serve as comic relief and stick them with the worst horse. Guess who that someone was on our ride?

I was saddled with a bad pony named Rusty. (Technically, HE was saddled, but I bore the burden of his bad temperament). While everyone else moseyed along the trail in comfort and ease, I spent two hours trying to impose my feeble will on this stubborn beast. They smell your fear, your know. Instead of following the rest of the group, Rusty insisted on wandering from the trail, stopping to eat weeds, stumbling down embankments … Gradually I fell further and further behind the rest of the group and found myself hoping one of those rare Black Hills cougars would leap out of the trees onto me and end my misery.

After the ride my niece, who was near the lead of the group, said all she heard during the whole trail ride were my increasingly desperate shouts: “No, Rusty! Stop, Rusty! GOOOOO, Rusty!”

Call me petty, but every time I open a bottle of Elmer’s glue, I find myself hoping that was Rusty’s ultimate fate.

On the other hand, I subsequently had a very pleasant time on a chuckwagon ride, sitting comfortably in the back of a covered wagon listening to a grizzled local singing old campfire songs. So there, Rusty!

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