Finally a use for that German minor!

Apparently vinegar on fries is a thing. This salt wasn't bad, but I still prefer ketchup.

Apparently vinegar on fries is a thing. This seasoning wasn’t bad, but I still prefer ketchup.

I minored in German in college, and I don’t know why. I suppose it was because I originally intended to go into international marketing, but that went by the wayside rather quickly. Even after taking it in high school and through four years of college, I can’t say I ever became fluent. But since I became addicted to the YouTube videos of Herr Doctor Meyer of the Vet Clinic of The Gambia (mangoworms!), I have found myself speaking in a quasi-German accent. So I figured I might as well use that in one of my #10MealChallenge videos.

By the way, the German word for bacon is actually  Speck. But schweinfleisch is funnier, don’t you think? And hamburgers probably were not actually invented in Hamburg, Germany. The earliest mention of the word is from 1896 in the Chicago Tribune, and they became widely known when they were sold at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904.  Wikipedia offers a nice synopsis of the hamburger’s controversial origins, if you’re really interested.

Anyway, these Sweet Mustard Bacon Burgers were pretty good. I didn’t have as much hamburger on hand as the recipe called for, however, and used the specified amount of wet ingredients, so the “patties” didn’t hold together very well. Let’s call them loose meat sandwiches (loses Fleischsandwich, for those of you following along auf Deutsch). I stubbed my toe a little when adding the Chipotle Seasoning, so they had more of a kick than a spinster of northern European descent finds entirely comfortable.

And finally, only those old enough to remember when Mike Meier was on SNL will understand the end of this video. I feel sad for the rest of you.

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