Trivial Pursuits


This London Broil looks like it’s been through the Blitz.

Doing this #10MealChallenge thing for work has taught me that I really am a pretty lousy cook (at least judging by the appearance of my dishes; they actually taste good). To be fair, the “official” photos of these meals on the company website were taken by food stylists under very favorable conditions, while mine were taken with my iPhone in a murky corner of my shabby kitchen.

The quality of my culinary output is likely also influenced by my attempting to conduct several very different activities simultaneously: preparing and cooking 10 meals; editing video in PowerDirector; and dyeing my hair. By the time I finished, the kitchen looked like the set of a very low budget horror film.

Technically, I could have just pointed my phone at my finished dishes and pressed record for a few seconds. But that’s not me. I make EPIC EXTRAVAGANZAS. Pretty sure I’ll finally be discovered after this series goes viral. I’ll try to remember the little people who made it all possible.

I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.

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