That’s Italian?


Italy is known for its priceless art and ancient monuments. This is neither of those.

Of all the lousy accents I do, my Italian is far and away the lousiest. This makes me sad because 1) just about anybody can do a reasonably plausible Italian accent; and 2) it’s an accent that could be very useful to pull out in moments of great stress, when I could wave my arms and shout, “Mama Mia!” But apparently my natural northern European reserve prevents me from mastering this florid style.

This particular #10MealChallenge dish, Scrumptious Stromboli, actually turned out reasonably well, though I suspect it is even less authentically Italian than my bad accent. According to our friends at Wikipedia, stromboli is named for a 1950 film of the same name directed by Roberto Rossellini and starring Ingrid Bergman (Hm. I wonder how her Italian accent was.) It’s considered a “classic example of Italian neorealism,” which apparently means it’s pretty darned grim. It did result in a torrid affair between Rosselini and Bergman, however, and the subsequent birth of their child, whom they did not name Stromboli.

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